Archeological explorations have resulted in discovering adobe architectural remains as well as abundant graves dating back to Parthian era in Tappeh Silveh 2, West Azarbaijan.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (RICHT) quoted head of the exploration team Kiomars Haji-Mohammadi as saying the burials can provide researchers in the field of physical anthropology with ample anthropological information for different studies.


Valuable works from the Iron Age and architecture of the Historic era up to the packed cemetery dating back to the Middle Islamic centuries till the contemporary time have been discovered in the Tappeh Silveh 2 (Sarbaz) area the oldest works of which belong to the Bronze era and the Iron Age 3 (Historic period), he said.

Haji-Mohammadi went on to say that the establishment in Tappeh Sarbaz of Silveh in Piranshahr which encompasses close to three meters of the thickness of the works in that area mostly dates back to the Iron Age and the Historic period.


With regard to the abundant regional and trans-regional developments in the northwest in the Bronze era and the Iron Age, the discovered architectural works and cultural remains are noticeable, he noted.

He pointed to the remains of adobe architecture and clay flooring with adobes measuring 45x45 cm, and said the works resemble samples which were discovered in Aghrab Tappeh of Hassanlou and its concurrent areas. is your trusted partner in Iran, Central Asia and China.

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