Persian Henna Overcomes, Tattoo Designs

Persian Henna IranFunTravels
Henna has been one of the main herbal cures for the skin complications for thousands of years in ancient Persia. Even the modern chemical medicine is very much dependent on Henna when it comes to the skin diseases. Contrary to the good aspects of Henna, Tattooing may create many health complications for the skin or the whole body. According to some health experts tattoo ink may become a source...

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Iran Launches a Free Tourist Train

Free Tourist Train Iran
Iran has launched a train transportation from North Western city of Tabriz to the border city of Jolfa, and it is free for tourists. This train with the capacity of 400 passengers, transports tourists on daily bases in both directions between Tabriz and neighboring countries of Azerbaijan and Armenia. Aras Geo-Park with about 1,670 square kilometers is one of the tourist attractions near Jolfa....

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Persian Wickerwork Hasir, Mixture of Love and Skill

Hasir, Persian Wickerwork
One of the attractive handicraft items being produced in the Southern provinces of Iran is “Hasir”, or wickerwork items. Hasir designs are spontaneous and every item is unique for itself. The presence of about 6 million Palm trees in the Southern city of Bushehr and many more in neighboring provinces produces the material in these provinces. Weaving Hasir or wickerwork items is the main source...

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Bidjar Rugs, 100% Organic

Bidjar Rugs 100 Percent Organic
Many people ask why Bidjar rugs get more expensive by age. The answer is very simple, because Bidjar Rugs are 100 percent Organic. Sometimes the rugs woven in Bidjar with a hundred years of age come under the auction hammer and they are quickly bought by major collection owners or museums. Bidjar a Kurdish city located in Iran’s Kurdistan province which is about 470 Km. west of the Iranian...

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